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2017 Board of Directors Election

Below are the candidates for the 2017 FAME Board of Directors elections. Each position is for a two year term. As per the FAME Bylaws, only Active members in good standing may vote.

Please read each candidate’s bio and vote by May 10, 2017.

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Missy Strong is running for President-Elect. It has been an honor to be involved with FAME as a Founding Member since its inception in 2012. During two terms as FAME’s Vice President and in my continuing work on various projects and committees for FAME, I have greatly enjoyed working with the other board and committee members who are equally dedicated to the FAME organization and to the advancement of Dr. Feierabend’s work.

I’ve been incredibly privileged to interact with a plethora of teachers from the US and abroad who are interested in, have just begun to use, or have been using Dr. Feierabend’s materials. I am thrilled at the groundswell of interest in Dr. Feierabend’s work, which I feel represents best practice in music education on so many levels for educators at every stage of their teaching path.

In my work on the Feierabend Fundamentals Facebook page, the (soon-to-be-officially-formed!) FAME of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, FAME Twitter page, and through other avenues, I am dedicated to helping teachers understand and utilize the Feierabend approach.  If elected, I would work very hard to help grow and move FAME forward as we seek to raise the profile and influence of Dr. Feierabend’s work and support, educate, and encourage those teachers who are using it.


Jessica Corwin has always been interested in research and data. My husband teases me for always filling out customer satisfaction surveys, which I do in the name of helping to create useful data for businesses I patronize. Research helps to improve and optimize most things, not the least of which are music education and the future artistic lives of our students. My interests in research-based techniques and musical expression and authenticity led me to Dr. Feierabend’s methods, which I have practiced delightedly in my classroom over the last seven years. I am continually inspired by the effectiveness of First Steps in helping my students to become tuneful and beatful, but most powerful to me is the timeless musical repertoire and how thoroughly children can access its expressive elements to become artful as well. First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege are the framework from which I get to lead children through a joyful learning process each day. I truly believe that this is the best possible approach for a vibrant musical future for our country and world. It is clear to me that as a community, we need to continue to not only use but also actively share and promote these methods across our profession. I am eager to serve and support this mission for FAME and, after three years as treasurer for a local arts education nonprofit, know that I have the skills, experience and work ethic to serve as a highly organized and responsive Treasurer for FAME. I look forward to continuing to learn and collaborate with FAME members for years to come!

Stephanie Morris has been a music educator for sixteen years.  She has taught at levels ranging from toddlers to middle school band, was named Teacher of the Year for the 2011-2012 school year, and is currently Music Specialist at Spring Creek Elementary School in College Station, TX.

I am excited to run for the office of treasurer to contribute to the Feierabend community and see it into the future.


Owen Hughes is a second year elementary school teacher in the Bedford Central School District in Bedford, NY. He currently teaches kindergarten through fifth grade students, as well as two sections of severely autistic children of varying ages and stages of development.

“The FAME organization is an inclusive music education community full of talented educators. Taking on a more active role would allow me to connect with these inspiring individuals in a more meaningful way, and allow me to give back to a group that has given me so much.”

Stephanie Schall-Brazee is honored to be considered for a second term as FAME Member-at-Large! Stephanie Schall-Brazee is an elementary general music teacher for the Traverse City Area Public Schools where she also directs the select Women’s Choir, Bella Voce.

Stephanie has spent 22 years spreading the word and training new teachers and colleagues in the methods of Dr. Feierabend. For the past 2 years, she as served as a Member at Large for FAME, and would be honored to continue her work for another term! During her time on the FAME board, Stephanie has specifically worked to establish a Membership Committee charged to find new ways to increase FAME membership. Stephanie wants to continue this important work so the good news about the Feierabend philosophy continues to spread, helping teachers and students throughout the United States and abroad.

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