Treasurer – Stephanie Morris

Stephanie Morris has been a music educator for sixteen years.  She has taught at levels ranging from toddlers to middle school band, was named Teacher of the Year for the 2011-2012 school year, and is currently Music Specialist at Spring Creek Elementary School in College Station, TX.  In each of these experiences, Mrs. Morris loves fostering new beginnings in music as children grow, from first songs to beginning band.  She grew up in Florida and graduated from the Florida State University with her Masters and Bachelor degrees in Music Education.  

Upon hearing Dr. Feierabend speak at the Texas Music Educator’s Conference, her teaching was transformed forever.  She whole heartily embraces Dr. Feierabend’s methods and philosophies that all children should be tuneful, beatful, artful and has been using all of his materials with her students since 2010.

I am excited to run for the office of treasurer to contribute to the Feierabend community and see it into the future.