June 29, 2020 – July 10, 2020 all-day
Holy Family College (formely Silver Lake College
2406 S. Alverno Rd. Manitowoc
WI 54220
Rachel Ware Carlton
920 686-6272
Conversational Solfege Upper Level Certification Course - Holy Family College (formerly Silver Lake ) @ Holy Family College (formely Silver Lake College


Conversational Solfege Upper Levels further explores the development of music literacy through analyzing songs and creating a sequence of learning, based on song content and skill development.  Strategies include listening, reading, writing, writing lesson plans, and establishing yearly goals and an introduction of how to teach harmonic function in major and minor tonalities as they apply to improvisation and composition.  This course is applicable to upper elementary general music, as well as middle school and high school choral, and instrumental teachers.

While highly recommended, participants are not required to already have completed Conversational Solfege Levels I and II Certification.

Participants will be required to purchase the newly revised (2018) Conversational Solfege Level 3 Teachers Edition and CD.

Contact: Rachel Ware Carlton: rachel.warecarlton@holyfamilycollege.edu