January 5, 2020 – January 12, 2020 all-day
Feierabend Summer School at GEELONG  - Lillie Feierabend Workshops


Sunday 5th January 4pm – 7pm Special Topic 1: Intentional Movement in the Music Classroom 

Movement is an integral part of being musical and plays an essential role in music development. Most early years repertoire contains a movement component; this is no surprise as children learn best when they are able to use their bodies. The movement component is worthy of the same explicit, intentional and focused instruction that we devote to the tonal and rhythmic aspects of our curriculum. This lively session will focus on Developmental, Kinesthetic and Proprioceptive skills and share strategies and techniques to help students move competently, effectively and efficiently for a lifetime of musical movement. When we give the same attention to the sequence of movement, we are better able to nurture the whole child in our quest to help them become musical.

Tuesday 7th January 4pm – 7pm Special Topic 2 :Around the World in Song and Dance 

Humour, love, kindness, and exuberance are universal. Community music making builds a bridge where we are offered a glimpse into another culture and delighted to find ourselves looking back. The dances of a country or a people are imbued with their history, values, characteristics, spirit and heart. This knowledge can lead to greater awareness and global understanding. This lively workshop will share cultures around the world through their folk dance, play parties, and singing games. Join us as we meet wonderful people through the gift of their music. The world just might become a kinder, more tolerant place if we all held hands and danced.

Friday 10th January  4pm – 7pm Topic 3: Everybody Claps! Clapping Games Around the World 

All cultures, all ages, all abilities! Clapping Games are immediately engaging; language is not even required and yet laughter abounds. You are never too young or too old for a Clapping Game; they are simply too much fun. But, if you look closely, through the lens of Multiple Intelligence, you will find that Clapping Games deepen and enrich all the intelligences and are of significant benefit to the development of our minds, bodies and spirit. While we are joyfully engaged in trying to figure out which hand to use when and where, our minds and bodies are working at a profound level helping us coordinate movements, visually track movements, orient our bodies, maintain beat and rhythm, plan and sequence motor movements and develop social skills by cooperating with others, accommodating others and paying close attention to others; all in order for us to have a successful experience. This lively and spirited session will share Clapping Games Around the World, guaranteed to engage your mind, body and spirit.

Sunday 12th January 4pm – 7pm Special Topic 4: Bridges: Twelve Ways to Musically Engage Students and Parents Outside the Music Classroom

Teachable moments do not always happen in the music classroom. The school year provides the music educator with many opportunities to engage students outside of the classroom setting. By doing so, we also make these opportunities available to our faculty, school and community. When we invite parents to participate in the music program, they become more invested in the child’s development and the growth of the music program as well. It is our job to create opportunities for all members of our community to become involved with music on a continuous and consistent basis throughout the day, the month and the year.

This session will share a dozen ways to enrich the musical growth and development of your students, your school and your community while providing opportunities that just may capture the soul of the young child.


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