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Below are FAME events planned for the coming year. You may select specific categories to see the different types of courses offered.

FAME Calendar

2020 Georgia Music Educators Association In-Service Conference
Jan 23 – Jan 25 all-day
2020 Georgia Music Educators Association In-Service Conference @ The Classic Center 300 N Thomas St


Session # 1 Folk Dancing Tricks from K-6  Friday January 24th  at 8:45 AM  in the Parthenon Room.Folk dancing is an excellent classroom community builder. Participants will explore the connection between creative movement and beat keeping as the foundation of folk dancing. Participants will learn one folk dance, how to make that dance accessible to all grade levels and will learn how to choose alternative music to folk dance to. With immediate take-aways for Monday activities, will you come and dance with me?

Session Title #2: Prepare, Practice, Present: A Sound Before Sight Approach to Recorder

Friday January 24th  at 11:15 AM in the Olympia  Room in the Classic Center

This session is geared for elementary music educators looking to refresh and grow their recorder program. Participants will be taken through the 12-step process of Conversational Solfege and how it applies to recorder instruction. While this recorder method is founded in Conversational Solfegeit is not necessary for participants to already use this curriculum in order to implement the strategies, rhymes, songs, and games shared in this session. I will demonstrate a variety of instructional strategies and games that will allow teachers to develop students’ skills aurally rather than starting recorder with the printed page. This session will be interactive as participants will engage with the content for the majority of the process. Video of my students will be shared to show participants that these instructional strategies are engaging and beneficial to students. Activities shared will be able to be immediate take-aways for their students on Monday.