FaceBook Live with Missy

This is the archive of the Facebook Live Interviews from our Feierabend Fundamentals Facebook page. The first ever Facebook Live with John Feierabend from October 2017 is available here to the public; the rest are only available for FAME members. We’ve tried to provide a general idea of what was discussed in each event along with the video, because they are so rich with information and you don’t want to miss anything!

In the first FBL interview on March 25, 2017, FAME Teacher Trainer Missy Strong interviews music pedagogue John Feierabend. They discuss his 2 major programs, First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege and John answers questions from music educators from around the world who are interested in or currently using his programs and materials.


Other Facebook Lives (You must be a FAME Member and signed in to view):
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