Keynote: Ear, Voice, Heart, and Mind: How We Sing

Alice Parker
Saturday, July 16th: 8:30 am to 9:30 am
Phillips Music Center Recital Hall

What is really happening when one person sings to another?  Or a group sings to a group?  Or even when we sing to ourselves?   Ms Parker suggests that it is one of the most demanding —  and satisfying —  means of communication for human beings.

aliceparkerAlice Parker is a living musical legend, with over fifty years’ experience in teaching which has given her the ability to express her ideas in clear and memorable language. Her love of poetry and of the lyric line in both words and songs undergirds her understanding. She has identified techniques which work for composers, performers and teachers, and inspires any group which works with her to be a wonderfully musical, expressive and communicative singer.