Next Steps: Singing in Harmony Every Day

John Crever
Saturday, July 16th: 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm
Ken Olsen Science Center Chairman’s Room

Next Steps – Singing in Harmony Everyday was born out of a need to give children more singing time in class. Repurposing repertoire from the First Steps and Conversational Solfege curriculum books, Next Steps – Singing in Harmony builds confidence in young musicians using familiar songs to practice singing in harmony. Come sing in this session, and hear how in 8-10 minutes per class, students will not only exercise their vocal skills but also establish a unique community repertoire of songs to sing together in harmony.

This session will show another way to use the Feierabend books to create a pathway for children to learn to sing in harmony, in any setting.


John Crever pngJohn Crever is a driven educator with more than 25 years of music instructional, production, management and community organizing experience.   His ability to connect with students and teachers of diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds has enabled him to successfully teach general music and choir in communities ranging from those ravaged by urban blight, to suburban private settings, to overseas students in the international school system in the Arabian Gulf.  Throughout, he has carried his love of Kodaly education from Westminster Choir College (’93, ’96) to these diverse venues. Most recently, he has championed the need for quality vocal general music education in Portland, Oregon.