January 17, 2019 – January 19, 2019 all-day
Grand Wayne Convention Center
120 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Emily Maurek
2019 Indiana Music Educators Association Convention @ Grand Wayne Convention Center | Fort Wayne | Indiana | United States


Just the Facts, Please: Neuroscience and Music Education – Friday January 18th 1:00 PM

It is useful to know about music and the brain, but teachers must be careful when looking at brain research findings. Musical “neuromyths” will be presented and teachers will receive tips on how to avoid common mistakes in attempting to interpret neuroscientific research. Basic brain function will be discussed, and an introduction to the growing field of “Educational Neuroscience” will be given.


Hosting a Family Folk Dance  – Saturday January 19th 11:00 AM

Hosting a family folkdance event is a fantastic and fun way to “move the learning” outside the walls of your classroom and into the broader community. These events are a powerful way to engage administration, faculty, parents, and neighbors in a way that brings joy to everyone who takes part and, quite honestly, makes the music teacher look pretty good!

They can be done during the school day, over multiple nights, or on one evening. These family folk dances help highlight the growing musicality of your students resulting in an authentic way to advocate for your broader program. Come and learn the nuts and bolts of planning for an event of this type from promoting it to preparing students, their families and your colleagues ahead of time in a way that will get everyone on board and excited!

Movement Instruction in the Elementary Music Classroom – Saturday January 19th

 Movement is integral to true understanding in music. When a child can move, they can better understand expression, form, and myriad other musical concepts in a very powerful way. When they begin to move in the early years, this learning is even more powerful. Formulating a sequential movement program, however, can be challenging to those who work with young children. You will hear a rationale for consistently including movement in the elementary music classroom. This rational is based on the assertion that movement is of equal importance to singing and rhythm, as well as the relationship that exists between movement and development. 

Learn how movement is an authentic and fun way to help develop student intuition for beat and meter while also providing meaningful expressive opportunities. Attendees will be given information about proprioceptive sense and learn one way to employ the work of Rudolf Laban in the elementary general music class through movement exploration, movement for form and expression, and beat motion activities.