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Welcome to our Teacher Trainer Corner. Here, FAME members will find informative articles, great (free!) resources, and ideas for the Feierabend-inspired music program. Scroll down for resources related to:

First Steps in Music Articles and Resources
Conversational Solfege Articles and Resources
Instrumental Articles
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First Steps in Music Articles and Resources
Vocal Exploration Props, Books, and Ideas with Connie Greenwood NEW
 Using Books to Sing, Dance, Listen & Play In a Tuneful, Beatful & Artful Way! by Stephanie Schall-Brazee NEW
The First Steps in Music 8-part Workout in a Limited Amount of Time by Leslie Weaver NEW
First Steps in Music for Older Elementary Learners by Emily Maurek NEW
Teaching Tips for First Steps with “The Nutcracker”: An Adventure in Movement Exploration by Lillie Feierabend NEW
Call and Response Song Approach with Teacher Trainer by Leslie Weaver
Vote for Me by John Crever
First Steps in Music Planning Sheets by Chris Anne Powers
The Play-Party: A Tuneful, Beatful, Artful Way to Play by Emily Maurek
Chanukah Finger Play – Judas Maccabee Finger Play by John Crever
Chanukah Finger Play to Maoz Tzur by John Crever
“Wave” Movement Exploration by Leslie Weaver
Parent Tell Me Sheet by Connie Greenwood
Tree Dance by Lindsay Jackson
Movement Pose Cards by Stephanie Morris
Ask Me Sheets by Owen Hughes
Centers by Emily Maurek
Pitch Exploration modeled by Lindsay Jackson
Teaching on-Line Parent/Child First Steps in Music Classes by Connie Greenwood
Five Free Tech Resources to Integrate into First Steps by Amy Burns
Hush Little Baby: The Importance of Singing Lullabies by Emily Doles

The History of the SongTale book with John Feireabend NEW
 Interview with Illustrator of “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” Isiah Timmons and John Feierabend NEW

Conversational Solfege Articles and Resources
CS Step 5: CREATE Top Three Tips for Success with Betsy Greene NEW
Conversational Solfege Steps 2-3-4 with Andy Himelick NEW
Conversational Solfege Step 1 – Tips & Tricks by David Rankine NEW
Exploring CS Reading Steps 6, 7 & 8 Techniques by Andy Himelick NEW
Remember to Review One Concept from a Previous Unit in Every CS Lesson by Chris Powers
Alt-Write Techniques for Conversational Solfege by John Crever
Decoding Dilemmas by Lindsay Jackson
Efficiently Incorporating FS & CS by Chris Anne Powers
“I Have Who Has” Cards by Chris Anne Powers
Implementing Dance in Small Spaces by Emily Maurek
Unit 4 Pattern Set Recordings

General Articles and Resources
Peter Amidon’s Virtual Choir Tutorial by Peter Amidon
Women and Gender Expansive Composers in the Feierabend Classroom by Miriam Capellan
Book Review: Feierabend Fundamentals by Andy Himelick
Winter Songs and Dances to Light in the Darkest Months by Stephanie Schall-Brazee 

Bridges to the Community by Lillie Feierabend
    Bridges to the Community: All School Sing
    Bridges to the Community: How to Host a Family Folk Dance
    AM Dance
    Ask Me Notes
    Ask Me: The Sequel!
    May Day

Parent Participation Day
Feierabend Friendly Seesaw Activities by Chris Anne Powers
The Male Singing Voice in the Elementary Music Classroom by Andy Himelick

Instrumental Articles
Online Learning Beginning Band Resource by James Froseth
The Singing Band by Carol Swinchoski
CS Beginning Band-Ready, Set, Go! by Carol Swinchoski
The Singing Band, Part 2 by Carol Swinchoski
The Singing Band in Time of Covid by Carol Swinchoski

Quincy Hilliard Instrumental FSM Commission for Beginning Band Download