Teacher Trainer Corner

Welcome to our Teacher Trainer Corner. Here FAME members will find informative articles, great (free!) resources, and ideas for the Feierabend-inspired music program. The FAME Teacher Trainers are outstanding, veteran practitioners, and now teachers can directly benefit from their ideas and experiences and hopefully be inspired with new ideas for their own classrooms!

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Here is a list of what is now available:

Tree Dance by Lindsay Jackson
Efficiently Incorporating FS & CS by Chris Anne Powers
Tuneful, Beatful, Artful Posters by Ginny Capps and Missy Strong
Book Review: Feierabend Fundamentals by Andy Himelick
Pyramid of Musical Greatness by Missy Strong
Decoding Dilemmas by Lindsay Jackson
Implementing Dance in Small Spaces by Emily Maurek
“I Have Who Has” Cards by Chris Anne Powers
Alt-Write Techniques for Conversational Solfege by John Crever