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Below are FAME events planned for the coming year. You may select specific categories to see the different types of courses offered.

FAME Calendar

Holyoke Public Schools Personal Development
Jan 30 – Jan 31 all-day
Holyoke Public Schools Personal Development @ Holyoke High School North Campus


Intentional Movement in the Classroom – Thursday January 30, 2020

Movement is an integral part of being musical. Think of your favorite finger play, action song or play party. Chances are there is some type of movement involved.  So much of our early childhood music repertoire contains a movement component. This is no surprise; children learn best when they are able to use their bodies. The movement component is worthy of the same explicit and intentional instruction that we devote to the tonal and rhythmic aspects of our curriculum. This is accomplished, not by compromising our musical goals and standards, but simply by manipulating the material that we are already teaching our students.  We can make the movement in our finger plays, action songs, play parties and dances even more beneficial for each student. This lively session will share strategies and techniques that will enhance the movement component in a music classroom. 

Bridges to the Community; Planting Seeds for a Lifetime of Musical Growth                       Friday January 31, 2020

Music Educators plant seeds for a lifetime of music making but teachable moments do not always happen in the classroom. This session shares a dozen ways to enrich the musical growth and development of your students, your school and community while providing opportunities to inspire a lifelong love of music.

Regional Organization of Colorado Kodály Educators
Feb 22 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Regional Organization of Colorado Kodály Educators @ Sage Canyon Elementary School


Brain Research: What Does it Mean for Music Instruction (Morning Session)

With a basic understanding of neuroscience and music processing, teachers can fine tune instruction to better meet student needs and advocate for the place of music in the curriculum, since the research gives confidence that music education is not only important, but something necessary in the lives of our students.

Intentional Movement in the Elementary School Classroom (Afternoon Session)

 Learn how movement is an authentic and fun way to help develop student intuition for beat and meter while also providing meaningful expressive opportunities. Attendees will be given information about proprioceptive sense and learn one way to employ the work of Rudolf Laban in the elementary general music class through movement exploration, movement for form and expression, and beat motion activities.

Contact Information: Jackline Stoke


First Steps in Orff Schulwerk Course Hofstra Summer Music Class
Jul 27 – Jul 31 all-day
First Steps in Orff Schulwerk Course Hofstra Summer Music Class @ Hofstra University Department of Music



Come experience joyful activities that follow the 8-part workout from First Steps in Music while integrating the Orff approach. During this course participants will develop a better understanding of how to blend these two approaches. Ample time will be spent on participating in various activities and creating engaging lessons your students will enjoy. Sing, say, dance, and play your way to learning how to develop tuneful, beatful, and artful students. Participants will gain an understanding of both First Steps in Music (FSM) and Orff Schulwerk (OS). Participants will gain an understanding of how the eight-part work out is designed to develop singing, beat keeping, and movement skills and how to use OS extensions within the workout. This course is applicable to both the experienced teacher and the dabbling novice in First Steps and/or Orff.

Hofstra University  – Department of Music – Joseph G. Shapiro Family Hall

Hempstead (Long Island) New York 1154 – Monday July 27 – Friday June 31, 2020

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