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Below are FAME events planned for the coming year. You may select specific categories to see the different types of courses offered.

FAME Calendar

Nov 1 all-day
CONVERSATIONAL SOLFEGE: A REFRESHER - Madison, CT Public Schools @ Madison Public Schools


The Conversational Solfege  curriculum examines a pedagogical method that develops music literacy. Based on models used to teach conversational foreign languages, this workshop develops an understanding of music through the use of rhythm and tonal syllables at a “conversational” level that gradually evolves into reading, writing, improvisation, and composition skills. This is a literature-driven curriculum. The sequencing of musical elements grows out of those tonal and rhythmic elements that exist in folk song literature. Each rhythm or tonal element is explored in patterns, songs, and themes from classical literature. Applications of conversational solfege range from elementary general and choral music courses to collegiate level choral, sight-singing, and ear-training courses.


Holyoke Public Schools Personal Development
Nov 4 all-day
Holyoke Public Schools Personal Development @ Holyoke High School North Campus


The First Steps in Music curriculum is designed to prepare children to become musical in by being Tuneful, Beatful, and Artful. First Steps in Music for Infants and Toddlers provides developmentally appropriate activities that are well suited for children under three years old with their caregivers. First Steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond provides activities for children as young as three but appropriate for any aged child that needs to further develop their tuneful, beatful, and artful abilities. Folk songs and rhymes as well as classical music are the primary source materials that are used to develop their musical minds and abilities. This pedagogical approach contains everything you need to lead a music class for preschool and early elementary students, including: Echo Songs, Call-and-Response Songs, Simple Songs, SongTales, Action Songs, Circle Games, Beat Motion Activities, and more. Ample time will be spent on exploring complete lesson plans for a three-year curriculum. Participants who successfully complete this course will receive an official certificate of completion from the Feierabend Association for Music Education

Holyoke Public Schools Personal Development
Jan 30 – Jan 31 all-day
Holyoke Public Schools Personal Development @ Holyoke High School North Campus


Intentional Movement in the Classroom – Thursday January 30, 2020

Movement is an integral part of being musical. Think of your favorite finger play, action song or play party. Chances are there is some type of movement involved.  So much of our early childhood music repertoire contains a movement component. This is no surprise; children learn best when they are able to use their bodies. The movement component is worthy of the same explicit and intentional instruction that we devote to the tonal and rhythmic aspects of our curriculum. This is accomplished, not by compromising our musical goals and standards, but simply by manipulating the material that we are already teaching our students.  We can make the movement in our finger plays, action songs, play parties and dances even more beneficial for each student. This lively session will share strategies and techniques that will enhance the movement component in a music classroom. 

Bridges to the Community; Planting Seeds for a Lifetime of Musical Growth                       Friday January 31, 2020

Music Educators plant seeds for a lifetime of music making but teachable moments do not always happen in the classroom. This session shares a dozen ways to enrich the musical growth and development of your students, your school and community while providing opportunities to inspire a lifelong love of music.