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Below are FAME events planned for the coming year. You may select specific categories to see the different types of courses offered.

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CLIBURN KIDS with Buddy Bray written by John Feierabend
Apr 1 – Jun 1 all-day
CLIBURN KIDS with Buddy Bray written by John Feierabend

Fort Worth — The Cliburn announces three new online initiatives to bring its worldwide community together virtually, in a safe and joyful space for us all, no matter age, culture, or physical location: Cliburn Watch Party, Cliburn Kids, and Cliburn Amateur Spotlight (details below). The daily schedule begins tomorrow, Monday, March 30. Weekly schedules will be announced each Sunday.

“Music can offer us all so much during this quarantine,” said Cliburn President and CEO Jacques Marquis. “With these new programs, you can reconnect with great Cliburn Competition performances, learn a few things with your children by listening to Cliburn Kids, and get inspired by the passion of our Cliburn Amateur pianists. Over the years, the Cliburn has broadcast and webcast many hundreds of hours of music. We are happy to connect with you and offer you these great moments of community.”

CLIBURN KIDS with Buddy Bray
Mondays & Thursdays – 11 a.m. CDT
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For our youngest Cliburn friends! Take a break from at-home school studies to have some music fun, as we explore rhythm, storytelling, dance, and listening games. Buddy Bray—Cliburn artistic advisor and co-author of the Cliburn in the Classroom signature in-school program—will lead kids on short (7- to 10-minute), entertaining, and educational journeys, twice a week. (Programs are geared towards elementary-aged children; links to at-home supplemental activities will be provided as available.) Cliburn in the Classroom programs written by Dr. John Feierabend and Buddy Bray.


AOSA Connecticut
Apr 18 all-day
AOSA Connecticut @ Central Connecticut State University


Vocal Development and Intentional Movement for Young

Tuneful singing is the marriage of tuneful thinking and physiological awareness but when dealing with young children we must use strategies and techniques that are not only developmentally appropriate, but wonderfully childlike; playful, imaginary, and fun. In most of our elementary repertoire, there is also some type of movement to enhance the song or chant. The movement component is worthy of the same intentional instruction that we devote to the melodic component of our curriculum. This session will share strategies and techniques guaranteed to engage young children in the development of both.

Contact:  Lee Ann Olsen : Email:

Location: Central Connecticut State University – 1615 Stanley Street – New Britain, CT 06053



Bridges to the Community – Holy Family College (formerly Silver Lake College)
Jun 29 all-day
Bridges to the Community - Holy Family College (formerly Silver Lake College) @ Holy Family College (formerly Silver Lake College)



Music Educators plant seeds for a lifetime of music making but teachable moments do not always happen in the classroom. If we provide musical opportunities outside of the music classroom, we can also invite our faculty, school, and community. When the community is invited to participate, they become invested not only in their child’s development but the development of the music program, as well. This session will share a dozen ways to enrich the musical growth and development of your students, your school and your community while providing opportunities to inspire a lifelong love of music.

Contact: Dr. Rachel Ware Carlton  Phone: 920 686 6272


Middle Tennessee AOSA – Franklin Tennessee
Oct 3 all-day
Middle Tennessee AOSA - Franklin Tennessee @ Walnut Grove Elementary School



Humor, love, kindness and joy are universal. Folk Dance builds a bridge where we are offered a glimpse into another culture and are delighted to find ourselves looking back. A country’s musical culture can also offer insight into its history, spirit, values, and heart. We can appreciate and begin to know a little about a people when we move in their footsteps. These delightful gifts, traversing not only cultures, but generations, can lead to greater awareness and global understanding. This lively workshop will introduce participants to folk dances, passing games, play parties, rounds and clapping games from around the world.

Contact: Kendall Webb Email:  Cell: 281 7307

Walnut Grove Elementary School – 326 Stable Road – Franklin, TN 37069