January 19, 2019 – January 20, 2019 all-day
University of Hawai`i, Manoa, Music Department
2411 Dole St
Honolulu, HI 96822
Michael Lim
2019 Hawaii Music Educators Association Conference @ University of Hawai`i, Manoa, Music Department | Honolulu | Hawaii | United States

Hawai’i MEA Conference


Meeting Music Literacy Standards with Conversational Solfege: Rhythmic

Sunday, January 20th, 11:20 am-12:35 pm

Building on Zoltan Kodaly’s idea of teaching music reading using authentic repertoire, solfege and traditional notation and planning out the preparation, presentation and cumulative practice of each notation element to be experienced over time, John Feierabend’s life’s work, Conversational Solfege, utilizes new research to firm up and validate Kodaly’s earlier framework.  This session will unpack Feierabend’s 12-step approach to teaching Rhythm reading in duple and triple meters.  Using accessible traditional repertoire to set up an easy to use, informed sequence of musical experiences to model conversational language acquisition through listening and responding, rhythmic reading, dictation, composition and improvisation by an “ear-first” approach.

 Growing Tuneful, Beatful, Artful Children the Feierabend Way, Part 1: Singing

Sunday, January 20th, 1:50 pm-3:05 pm

Based on an extensive survey of research on music and movement development and pedagogy spanning more than 40 years, John Feierabend brings all his research and knowledge together in his work First Steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond.  Used as a comprehensive curriculum or a musical workout format for children age three to nine (and beyond), First Steps employs a rich repertoire of age appropriate traditional songs, rhymes, games and dances to build musical independence easily by joyfully making music conversationally before introducing reading and instruments.  This session will focus on the Tuneful development in the 8-part lesson format.

University of Hawaii – Music Department

 2411 Dole Street, Honolulu, HI 96822.

Michael Lim (contact); miylimviolin@gmail.com