July 6, 2020 – July 10, 2020 all-day
Central Conneticut State Unversity
615 Stanley Street New Britain
CT 06050
Dr. Carlotta Parr
(860) 832-3317
Movement and Folk Dance in Elementary Music: A Sequential Approach - Central Conneticut State Unversity @ Central Conneticut State Unversity


Movement and Folkdance in Elementary Music: A Sequential Approach

Folk dancing allows students to experience their growing musicality in engaging and authentic ways. In addition to demonstrating beat competence, students will more easily understand form while also experiencing an authentic community music-making activity that allows for opportunities for positive peer interaction. Learn how to confidently incorporate movement and folk dancing into your general music classroom and beyond. You’ll leave with a portfolio of dances, an understanding of how to sequence their instruction, a framework for a Family Folkdance event, and lots of dancing experience!

Topics covered:

*A rationale for teaching folk dance 

*Preparing in the early music classroom.

*Choosing the best dances (and music) for your population.

*Introduce and call folk dances in and out of the classroom.

*Build community through folk dance events

2 Graduate Credits
July 6 – 10 (Morning Sessions)
Central Connecticut State University, CT
Contact – Dr. Carlotta Parr: ParrC@ccsu.edu