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Below are FAME events planned for the coming year. You may select specific categories to see the different types of courses offered.

FAME Calendar

Indiana Music Educators Association Convention
Jan 16 – Jan 18 all-day
Indiana Music Educators Association Convention @ Grand Wayne Convention Center


The Joy of Musicing

Ever get into a “rut” by only focusing on the literacy portion of your Conversational Solfege lessons? In this session, we will share various “doing” activities that not only focus on the joy of “musicing” but will also give you bang for your buck by also targeting your future literacy objectives. We will share tried and true activities that have been successful in our classes that also prepare your students for later units in Conversational Solfege. Bring your voices, recording devices and dancing shoes – this will be a participatory session.

Folk Dance – January 16th  – – – 06:30 PM 08:20 PM Hilton Hamilton