Endorsed Teacher Trainers

If you have completed certification in First Steps in Music, Conversational Solfege 1 & 2and Conversational Solfege Upper Levels and you have a desire to “spread the word” to other teachers, you might be a good candidate to become a FAME Endorsed Teacher Trainer! Candidates spend 1-2 weeks apprenticing in a summer class with Dr. Feierabend or another Endorsed Teacher Trainer. After successful completion of that experience, you are endorsed by FAME and can lead certification training courses. Your contact information will be added to the list of Endorsed Teacher Trainers sent to those seeking training in First Steps in Music or Conversational Solfege.

Endorsed Teacher Trainers are encouraged to submit session proposals to local, state, and national conferences offering to share their expertise. In addition, they are encouraged to present classes at schools and colleges, at which their students will receive certificates from FAME for completing either First Steps in Music or Conversational Solfege. Endorsed Teacher Trainers are an invaluable resource to those using Dr. Feierabend’s materials and are often seen on the FAME forums and presenting at the Biennial FAME Conference.

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Current Endorsed Teacher Trainers