David Rankine

rankine-profile-1David Rankine is from Ontario, Canada and has been teaching music in Kingston area schools, community organizations, and historic sites for more than 17 years. A Kindergarten teacher for 8 years before becoming a Music Specialist, David completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University where he was an apprentice conductor with Dr. Mark Sirett, and his Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University where he received the L.W. Copp Teaching Award. David is the former Artistic Director of the Gananoque Choral Society, and the former Music Director of the Young Choristers Limestone Junior Choir.

In 2005, David received the Colonel Truman Crawford Cup, USMC, for Excellence in Music Leadership while serving as the Drum Major of the Fort Henry Guard, and from 2009 – 2011, was awarded several scholarships from the Royal Canadian College of Organists. With both Piano and Organ certifications from the Royal Conservatory of Music, David is also a Church Organist and Music Director, as well as the Organist for the Kingston Frontenacs OHL Hockey Franchise. David received his First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege Certification in 2015 and is Certified Teacher Trainer in First Steps in Music.

In addition to his classroom work, he has received numerous grants and donations under the umbrella of ‘Building Community Through Music.’ Surmounting his belief that to build community one must go into the community, these proceeds have enabled more than 800 K-6 students to annually take part in and host Folk Festivals, May Day Festivals, and Family Folk Dances all based on the First Steps in Music curriculum to help create a more Tuneful, Beatfuland Artful society.

David lives in a forest just north of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, with his wife and two children, surrounded by Peep Squirrels and Wise Old Owls.

David Rankine
Elginburg, Ontario, Canada
Email:  david.i.rankine@gmail.com