FAME Board of Directors

The FAME Board of Directors meet once monthly with the exception of December. The Board serves annually from July -June. Each year the membership elects board of directors into two-year volunteer service positions. Elections by the Membership occur each year. Voting runs from May 1st to June 1st with newly installed directors beginning service at the summer annual meeting held in July.  In even years, a Vice-President, Secretary and one Member-at-Large are elected. In odd years, a President-Elect, Treasurer and one Member-at-Large are elected. The President-Elect becomes President in odd years, two years after their election as President-Elect. All terms begin and end at the Annual Meeting each year.

The current Board of Directors is:

President: Emily Maurek (2020-2021)

President-Elect: Chris Tranberg (2021-2023)

SecretaryTreasurer: Andy Himelick (2019-2021)

Member-at-Large: Chris Tranberg (2020-2022)

Member-at-Large: Jessica Nohner (2021-2023)

Ex-Officio Members:  Immediate Past President: Betsy Greene; Artistic Director, John Feierabend; Executive Director: David Vandewalker; Executive Treasurer: Tom Hawley