FAME Board of Directors

The FAME Board of Directors is elected by the Membership every year. Voting runs from May 1st to June 1st. In even years, a Vice-President, Secretary and one Member-at-Large are elected. In odd years, a President-Elect, Treasurer and one Member-at-Large are elected. The President-Elect becomes President in odd years, two years after their election as President-Elect. Terms begin and end at the Annual Meeting each year.

The current Board of Directors is:

President: Betsy Greene (2017-2019)
President-Elect: Missy Strong (2017-2019)
Vice-President: Chris Powers (2018-2020)
Secretary: Emily Maurek (2018-2020)
Treasurer: Stephanie Morris (2017-2019)
Member-at-Large: Lindsay Jackson (2018-2020)
Member-at-Large: Stephanie Schall-Brazee (2017-2019)

Immediate Past President: Joani Brandon (2017-2019, ex-officio)

Executive Director: Marguerite Wilder
Treasurer: Tom Hawley