Narrowing the River: Allowing Creativity to Flow

Nick Page
Ballroom A/B

As a continuation of his keynote address Nick Page will engage in highly creative musical activities. Those who consider themselves less than creative will find themselves creating extraordinary work!

Nick Page

Nick Page has been surrounded by singing all his life. Every Saturday night his family would gather around the fire to sing folk songs, pop songs, spirituals, and rounds—songs in harmony. Nick does not see these early experiences as being old fashioned or from a distant past, long ago replaced by television. Instead, he sees these experiences as being necessary for growth, both as an individual and as a member of society.

Believing that there should be no separation between the talented and the untalented, Nick Page makes his living as a song leader, conductor, and composer. He works with children who have an inborn love of singing and he works with adults, many of who have lost their love of singing a long time ago. Nick renews the love. He also works with educators, both classroom teachers and music specialists. His teacher workshops foster creativity and compassion, making the emotions come alive. These workshops range from multicultural themes to the integration of music into academic subjects (science, reading, history etc.).