“Ask Me” Sheets for the First Steps in Music Classroom
Created by FAME Board Member Owen Hughes

I created these “Ask Me” sheets based on an original technique I learned in a graduate course with Lillie Feierabend at the Hartt School. You can learn more about how she uses them in Season 1, Episode 6 of the “Tuneful, Beatful, Artful Music Teacher” podcast, as well as in her “Bridges to the Community” series of articles here on the FAME website. Both of these are fantastic ways to learn more about the HOW and WHY behind “Ask Me” sheets.

I have implemented these in my classroom this year to help students continue to practice their musical skills at home, as well as inspire them to share the songs and rhymes from the music classroom with their parents. I decided to start using them with just one grade level- my Kindergarteners. At the beginning of the year, I sent home a letter to the  kindergarten families briefly explaining the purpose of the sheets. 

Once students learned four songs and rhymes, I sent home the first installment of Ask Me sheets. I printed them on neon cardstock, hole punched the top left corner, and provided each family a binder ring to collect the songs as they come home. During conferences, two parents told me that their sons are consistently using the book at bedtime to sing to and with their parents. 

I have been sending home new sheets as students arrive at the stage where almost all of them can perform the song or rhyme as a solo, to ensure that they are successful when sharing at home. On some of the sheets, I share “FYI” information about the skills we are working on, or vocabulary words for students to share. In addition to being a wonderful musical bonding experience, I think these sheets can also provide an insight into our classrooms and serve as a form of advocacy for our programs.

Clipart for the songs and rhymes all came from google searching. All of the borders for the sheets came from teacherspayteachers.com, and were free! (See the links below)


Ask Me Sheets: First 8 songs

Ask Me Sheets: Seven more songs